The Leaky Cauldron
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Doubling as a pub and a secret entrance to a magical world, The Leaky Cauldron is well known around London. It can be seen by both Wizards and Muggles, although the latter only see it as a broken down shop and don't pay it any attention. At the back of the shop, a brick wall stands in a courtyard, blocking access to Diagon Alley. One must tap a specific brick and move in an anti-clockwise fashion, tapping bricks as they go. The bricks will then move and form back into a wall when people walk through.

The pub in question has three floors. The ground floor gives you access to Diagon Alley and also has a bar stocked with bar stools. Beyond the bar are tables where patrons can sit if they want more than a drink. The second floor is a designated floor for renters. Rooms consist of the bare basics, having a bed, dresser, mirror, a nightstand and a lamp. The third floor is off limits to the public, reserved for staff and the landlord/lady.
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